Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Welcome back to the 2017 Survivor Pool! 

Monday, August 1, 2011


Contact Person: Dan Rebuck

1. Entry Fee is $10.00. You may have more than one entry.
2. Out of the 32 teams in the NFL, each player must pick one team to simply win for that week. There is no point spread involved.
3. Once a player has used a team, he/she may not use that team again for the rest of the season.
4. If a player’s team loses or ties that week, he/she is out of the pool. If all players’ teams lose in the same week, that week will be discarded and we will move to the next week.
5. If a player’s team wins that week, he/she survives and goes on to the next week. The game will end when there is one remaining player at the end of a given week.
6. Should there be more than one remaining player at the end of Week 17, those players will move on to the NFL playoffs and all teams will be available again even if a player had chosen them earlier resetting after each round.  If there is a tie after the Super Bowl, the pot will be split to the remaining players.

7. All picks must be submitted to me by 9:00 PM, Friday evening. If there is a Thursday game and you are picking that game I need that pick before that game starts, otherwise the time is still 9PM on Friday. If I do not have your picks by Friday at 9 PM, you will be assigned a team for the week. Picks will be posted sometime on Saturday.
8. If a pick is not received by the deadline then you will be assigned the home team in the Monday Night Football Game. If you have already chosen the home team then you will be assigned the road team. If you have already chosen the road team you will be eliminated, no exceptions. Note: There are two Monday night games in Week 1. The early game will be the default and you will get Minnesota if I do not get your team.
9. Winner takes all.
10. You can check the status of the pool at
11. Thanks and good luck!